I started blogging on a whim! That's the short of it all, no fancy back stories.  The idea literally came to me one Saturday while I was exercising. I then discussed the idea with my husband and my ten year old daughter at the time. 

With their encouragement I opened an IG account, not knowing what I was doing. Blogging was NEVER on my bucket list, but I guess your chosen path is your chosen path. Two years later, I'm glad I was thrown out of my comfort zone and put myself out there publicly.

I started with zero followers and asked for help when needed until I learned what I needed to learn.  I originally started as a fashion blog and while I love dressing up whenever I can, I quickly realized it was not authentic to me as a stay at home mother of four. I thought hard and long about it, pivoted and refocused my platform to include all the things I love in my life.

On my  on my blog, I talk about all things Motherhood, Lifestyle, Decor, DIY and Inspirations. These are all the things I do regularly in my life so, it comes easy for me to talk about them.

I have been blogging for two years, blogging/content creating has not been easy. In fact my husband asks me regularly why I need to do this. It's hard work without immediate results,  and it sometimes seems like you are doing it for nothing.  

But you know what, your passion is your passion whether it pays or not. I love to inspire people in my own little way to be the best version of themselves in every season of their lives. 

I do it whole heartedly with no regrets.  I truly believe there's is a bigger purpose behind my blogging journey and at the right time the good Lord will make it evident to me.


I want to use how I started on my content creation journey to encourage anyone who needs it. There's a lesson to be leant on how I started. Many at times, God speaks to us and we let fear, what ifs and the judgement of others stop us in our track without even giving it a thought. That is a sure way to sabotage our own greatness, and purpose in life. 

I truly believe, I'm blessed because when an idea comes to me, I listen, do my research and run with it. It's important to listen and take action. There will never be the perfect time to start anything so stop waiting and stop sharing your ideas with the wrong people. Do it lost, Do it scared do it imperfect. Just do it!

I guarantee you will master your craft with determination, consistency and not giving up. There's is a purpose for your life, figure it out and run with it. Stop questioning your ideas. You will never know if you don't try. Go ahead and take a leap of faith with that idea roaming around in your head. 


Thank you for coming back everyday this month to read my blog posts. I'll be back tomorrow with my last post for July, see you then! S.M.I.L.E!

S - Smile

M - Miracles

I - In

L - Life

E - Everyday