Noelle will be a teenager this year. I can't even believe it.  She has been asking for a room makeover for the past couple of years. Which is well over due because she hasn't had a room makeover since she was six years old.

We have been doing few things here and there for the past year. I recently DIY and repurposed her bedsides tables, so I wanted to make her beautiful trays that she can use to hold her little things. 

This dollar tree DIY was super easy and affordable to make and made such a big impact in her room. I'm sharing the steps here to inspire you.


8 framed mirrors from dollar tree (4 without mirror, and 4 with mirrors)

bling wraps

decorative gems

glue sticks

glue gun

tower games

adhesive wrap

strong adhesive glue


Napkin rings


Put the frame face down and remove clips at the back. Lay the mirror to the bottom of the first frame, use a strong adhesive glue to glue the mirror face down. Once the mirror has been glued down,  arrange 8 tower pieces (two) on each corner of the frame. Make sure it's straight and even to the edge of the frame. Just like how it looks in the picture below.

Then glue the second frame face up directly onto tower pieces glued on to the first frame. Repeat until all four are done. Set aside and allow to dry for few hours or over night.

Taking the clips off.

Strong adhesive glue to glue down mirrors.

Glue mirror face down.

Glue down tower games to the four corners of the frames.

Glue down the top frame, face up.

All four done.

Side view.


To cover the opening on all four sides of the tray, I used self adhesive paper to cover the spaces to hide the exposed tower games. Then used bling wrap to glam up the original frame colour.

Adhesive paper to cover the sides.

Side covered.

Bling the sides with bling ribbons.

All four done.

STEP 3: 

Glue down gems on top of the frame to take it up a notch. Allow it to dry, then used more bling wraps to design the inside of the frame. I then used napkin ring covered with bling wrap for two trays. I left the other two with no feet. 


Using gems to decorate the top.

More bling ribbon to cover the inside tray.

Outside and inside done.

Adding feets to the tray.

And viola! You have a beautiful tray that you can use on any surface in your home on a dime.

All done and so pretty!

How it looks on her bedside table.

She absolutely loves them.

Bye for now and S.M.I.L.E.!

S - See
M - Miracles
I - In
L - Life
E - Everyday.



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