As human being, no matter how confident we are, it's normal for us to question our abilities sometimes. I'm not an exception...I question myself on a regular basis. I have been working on it and it has gotten a lot better. These days I  promote myself and my work boldly and proudly. 

 I have been a reward member since December of 2018. I was so excited when I got accepted because at the time, I had about 1500 followers. I started promoting it and when I did not get the response I wanted, I stopped promoting.  From December 2018 until April of 2020, I made a whopping $3.68. Yes, that's all I made and I think it was from one purchase. 

Then came Mattie James's weekly IG lives. She made it clear that we should not be shy about promoting our work, because that is the only way people will know about our work. 

That hit me like a ton of bricks! Yes she is so right! If you don't do it, noone else will do it for you! I started promoting my blog posts more on my social media platforms and my blog page views has been increasing ever since. 

Likewise since I started linking affiliate links,  on my platform from April to today, I have earned $28.24  in commission. I know it's not much over all, but in percentage increase it is well over 667% increase in a three months period simply because I DECIDED TO PROMOTE IT.

This has really taught me a lesson and the importance of self promoting. Forget about what people may think, promote and put yourself out there. You are responsible for your success. You are responsible to put your work out there.  

There is always someone new that hasn't seen your work, so keep sharing and reaching new people. Thank you Mattie James for giving me the mental switch.


That's it people, do you agree that self promoting is important? Let me know in the comment section below and S.M.I.L.E!

S - See

M - Miracles

I - In

L - Life

E - Everyday



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