Hey! I hope you're all doing good. I hope you're enjoying your summer break so far, I know kids have been home for months. It might seem like there's a big difference, but I for one is glad I don't have to be a mom and a teacher for at least a couple of months. Lol God bless teachers!

My daughter turned 6 a couple of weeks ago. I had been planning for her party for many months but due the current pandemic, I couldn't have the party as bigs as I had originally  planned with regards to the number of guests.

It's our family tradition for our kids get their first big birthday party when they turn 6.  So while I couldn't invite all of Natalia's friends from school and church, I was able to still throw her affordable, fabulous and a memorable birthday party, that she will never forget.

Today's post is all about party planning and how you can safely throw a fun and fabulous party on a budget.  Take some inspirations and ideas to throw your little one a birthday party to remember.


I know I sound like a broken record with always saying "plan ahead", but to me it's the beginning of success. That is why I can't stress how important it is in everything I do. Not only does planning help put money in your pocket, it's also good for your mental health!  When you are not stressing, you are able to enjoy the process and make better decisions.

I kid you not, I started planning for Natalia's Birthday party when she was 4! We walked into walmart one day and we came across party supplies on clearance for $1 each. Anything from sets of paper plates, cups, party favours, table clothes and more.  I quickly asked Natalia what she wanted her 6th birthday party theme to be. She said Hatchimal, so I ran with it and stocked up. 

I kept them in my stash and made good use of them for her party this year.  I ended up having a lot of supplies left over because I was not able to invite as many people to the party as I had originally planned. 


I had no choice but to have the party at home to keep my family safe and it actually worked out well. I saved money from having to rent a venue. Aside from saving money, throwing a party at home helps you to be more relaxed in my opinion.


Birthday parties can be expensive, so as soon as you know the theme, the date of the party and the budget, keep your eye out for sales, and clearance items to help save on the cost. Gather your supplies a little at a time.  The best time I have found to save big on anything is with the after season sales. You can really get a lot on clearance for less.



Hiring a party planner (hire me for your parties by all means) but it will cost you more. And so does buying everything. So get creative and make some of the things yourself. Remember you planned a head, so you should have plenty of time to do some DIYS and more.


I made some of the things needed for the party to cut down costs.

You can make your own games, party favours, bake cake and many other things ahead of time. I would suggest you don't take on too much especially if you are not good at it. As much as I love diy and decorating, I never considered baking the birthday cake, because that's not where my strength lies.


Listen! I had to learned the hard way. In the past I'll go all out and cook meals upon meals for parties. No! It's so not worth it because you'll end up spending a lot, and exhausted by the time the party starts. Kids just want to have fun playing with their friends. Keep it simple and use mainly finger foods such as pizza, hot dogs, chips, fruits, and nuggets. Don't spend the entire day cooking.  Keep it simple and call it a day.


It seems like its a thing now for kids to expect birthday parties every year. I don't believe in that, aside from the budget aspect, I don't think it's realistic. As adults we don't throw a party for ourselves every year...it's unrealistic to do that for kids.

Don't get me wrong, we do celebrate birthdays every year, just not a party...there's a difference. I believe in raising kids with realistic expectations and throwing a party for my kids is not in the realm of that, but to each their own. Do you and what fancies you, but for our family, we don't have birthday parties every year.

Well that's it! I hope this helps you plan the perfect budget friendly party that your kids will love. If you are looking for more ideas watch this YouTube video on how to do that HERE.

If you are local, contact EMERICH DESIGNS for all your party decor, home decor and organizational needs. We'll be more than happy to get you sorted.


Bye for now and S.M.I.LE!

S - See
M - Miracles
I - In 
L - Life
E - Everyday!







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