Thougthful father's day gift guide.
Hi Everyone!

Father's day is less than a month away! Can you believe it?!  If you're like me, finding something for my husband on Father's Day is challenging , year after year. So this year I got to work early to figure out some possible father's day gift ideas for him. On today's post,  I'm sharing some of my top picks, in hopes of helping you, if you are in the same situation.  So if you're ready, lets get shopping!

My top picks are all from AMAZON and I have no doubt  they will make a fantastic gift for that special father/husband in your life.


Which Father doesn't like fun T-shirts? Let that special dad in your life know how much you love and appreciate them with these T-shirts.


AMAZON / Starting at 14.94


AMAZON / Starting at $17.00

AMAZON / Starting at $18.00                                            


These are useful everyday fresh look essentials that will make for a fantastic gift, because they will actually use it.
AMAZON / $162.48

AMAZON / $14.97


These wallets are so affordable, minimalistic and will make a great gift for that father that does not like to carry around big wallets.
AMAZON / $24.99 

AMAZON / $12.99 


Watches are one of my husbands favourite accessories. If your father or husband loves watches these are investment pieces for your dad that will last for many years.

AMAZON / $142.83

AMAZON / $ 117.62

AMAZON / $265.97


Any one of these will make a great gift for your tech loving father or husband.  From wireless phone charger to noise cancelling headphone, I've got you covered!

AMAZON / $448.00

AMAZON / $69.99

AMAZON / $69.99

AMAZON / $174.99

AMAZON / $35.99

Well that's it! I hope this father's day gift guide helps you with finding a very special gift for your father/husband that he will cherish this Father's Day. Medaase and until next time S.M.I.L.L.E!

S - See
M - Miracles
I - In 
L - Life
E - Everyday.


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