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Are you a thrifter? I am and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  I enjoy the challenge of stretching my dollar and thrifting either by buying super reduced items or shopping at the second hand store is my jam. I just love thrift shopping especially for kids clothes and for one of a kind pieces.  If you're interested in thrifting, stay latched because I'm sharing four reasons you should start shopping at the thrift stores today!

Saves Money:

The first reason is, thrifting is good for the pocket book.  It's no secret that I'm frugal, so anything that is legally acceptable to stretch my dollar, perks my interest. Most of the pieces in the thrift stores are far less expensive than buying from the department stores. I have four children that are growing at an astronomical speed, they grow out of clothes and shoes at what seems like a blink of an eye. So shopping in thrift stores helps save us money on clothes.

To help you save even more, thrift stores do have awesome sales on regular basis. For instance, Good Will has daily tag sales and Value Village has a 50% off sales several times throughout the year, as well as they offering membership pre sales. I Take full advantage of these sales and only shop when it's being offered. How awesome is that...that I get to save more on already inexpensive, and one of a kind pieces.

Teaches Money Management For Kids:

It's my goal to raise kind, appreciative, grateful, hardworking and finanacially savy kids. I think it's very important. My kids love the thrift store and they are just as happy getting things from there as they are with brand new stuff. I love this because it's instilling good money habits in them at a very young age. 

We don't shop there because we can't afford to buy them new from a traditional store. We sure can, but I also tell my children, just because they can afford it, it doesn't mean they should buy it if it doesn't make sense. I teach them to think about their purchases and make sure it makes sense before buying. Any opportunity I get to teach them about spending wisely and saving for hard times, I take full advantage of it because it will intimately help them one day.

Finding Rare Gems:

Most of the pieces found there are almost always one of a kind, you'll least likely see someone else with it. They have a wide range of items from books (my kids are book worms, so this works out great), toys, dishes, jewelries, games, exercise equipments and many more. I always find great pieces for my home. Last year I found quality jar containers for $2.00 a piece that would have cost a lot in the department stores. They look so great in my pantry and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

Helps The Community:

The two thrift stores I shop at the most are partners with local charities.  I love that when I spend money in a thrift store, a proceed of my purchases goes toward  good causes. It's a win-win for me!

That's it in a nutshell! So why are you not thrifting? No the clothes are not dirty, its always a good idea to clean or launder all your purchases before use. I have been shopping there for years and I've had nothing but great experience.  So if you're looking for a great alternative to mass brand market, joined me and lets jump on the band wagon together so we can help in our small way, the planet, the community and as a bonus, our own pocket books!

Medaase (thank you), shop smart and S. M. I. L.E. all the day to the bank!

S - See
M - Miricles
I - In
L - Life
E - Everyday


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