Hi! My name is Noelle and I am very excited to be writing as a guest, on my mom’s blog today! And the topic I am going to be writing about is why is it important to read? This is a topic I would love to write about for hours unend: but I’m pretty sure noone has that much stamina to read for that long, and if you do - then, WOW! I wonder when I will get to a point in my life where I am able to read for hours and hours at a time!

Kids who loves Reading.

I mean if I say so myself, I am at that point in life, or so I think, and I CAN read for hours and hours at a time, but I choose not to because, sometimes I - actually…we ALL get lazy! And most of us would rather, lets be honest - sit down and chill on their phones and laptops ALL DAY if we could. But that doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE reading! And I’m sure that’s the same for the other bookworms of the world!

Reading helps kids interlecturely.

The nerd inside of me:

I’m the type of person to have their birthday party at Chapters - YES! Chapters the bookstore. I think I’m probably the only one in the entire universe who wants to have their birthday at a full on bookstore. But, I choose to think othewise! Because reading is fun! READING IS LIFE! And I know some of you hate reading with a passion, but I can teach you how to overcome and battle that hatred towards reading!

Reading helps with imaginations.

Why is reading so Important?!

Reading is so important. Especially for children, teen, and AND even adults! I know I sound like your mom, dad or teacher, but if you really think about it, WHO AM I TO TELL YOU TO READ ALL DAY AND EVERYDAY OF YOUR LIFE? I won't...the purpose of this blog post, is to encourage you to read a little everyday, even if you don't feel like it. Ok now...WHY IS READING SO IMPORTANT?!

Reading helps develop self confidence.

1. Reading expands vocabulary:

Reading expands vocabulary. Yep! It does! What happens is that when you read, your brain picks up different words that it likes, and then you start to use them in your everyday vocabulary, like how right now, I sound SUPER fancy for an 11 year old, and that’s because I have been reading and by reading my vocab has been getting better!

Teach your kids to live reading from an early age.

2. Reading improves grammar:

Reading definatley improves grammar! From just reading, maybe 30 minuets a day, your grammar can improve! I’m not saying that reading for just half an hour for just ONE day, is going to help with grammar, you have to keep on reading day after day, so that your brain collects new information. But it’s pretty cool how just reading for a little bit a day can go from you saying “Me and Kate are going out today,” to saying “Kate and I are going out today,”.But it just takes time and that’s ok because it ALSO helps with our patience skills!

Children that are bookworms.

3. Helps build self confidence:

It really depends what book you read. If you are reading a book about, lets say, self confidence, the book can actually improve YOUR self confidence if you take the advice from it. But by self confidence I also mean, self confidence in reading aloud to a class, or reading your speech for a presentation, the more you read, the more fluent you get in reading outloud infront of a group of people.

It's important for children to read books regularly.

And by fluent, I mean not pausing uneccessarily, reading with EMOTION and with more confidence! If you’re reading this blog post right now, here’s a tip:

Try reading out loud and use emotion! Try to sound confident, and try to only pause at periods and coma’s! Again just reading 30 minuets EVERYDAY, when you get the chance, can help your self confidence in reading in front of groups of people! You’ll need this skill now in school and when you start working in the corporate world!

Reading just 30 minutes a day does wonders for your children.

4. Reading enhances imagination:

Imagination. Hmph. What comes to your head when the word imagination pops up on you. To me I think of rainbows, and unicorns, and something - CREATIVE! But now since I read alot, whenever an essay or writting assighnment comes up, I can jot down,type, or write my ideas in no time! And that’s because of my fellow friend called...A BOOK. It’s the greatest friend you could have to help you through you essay nightmares!
How to encourage children to read books.

From all the different stories I have read, I really like the ones about adventures, fantasies and real life situations. For example, the book called “If Only” by Carole Geithner. I love that book so much because it talks about how it feels to lose a parent or someone close to you. I cant really relate to that topic, because, thank goodness, I still have both my parents alive, but it really opened my eyes to situations other people go through and helped me see the world in a different way. Reading this book made me more empathic to the world around me and I love that.

Reading helps with vocabularies.

I really like certain genres of books, that maybe different from the genres of books you like but it doesn't really matter. The point of this post is to encourage you to love reading so it can help build your imaginations and creativities. So just read any book of your choice, that can spark your ideas and love of reading and writting!

Reading and writting can also help get better grades in ELA and Social Studies. Whenever I finish reading a very good book, I take some ideas from it to write my own story. I dont copy it...I modify the ideas by adding more of my own ideas to come up with my own stories.

Reading helps with language skills.

I like using a story writing website, called: StoryBird! On my free time, I log on and open up my thoughts, ideas, and starting writing stories! StoryBird really helps me love reading and writting!! Maybe you should try it out too! It’s really fun!

How to get your children to love reading books.

That's it for me! Please don't forget to leave me comments and suggestions below, thank you. I'll be back with another blog post about how to get children to love reading soon! Until next time, Ciao!



  1. Wooow this is amazing. Well done Noelle and keep it up. We are all proud of you.

  2. Wooow this is amazing. Well done Noelle and keep it up. We are all proud of you.

  3. What a wonderful way to enter into teenage years. Helping and encouraging other young people to read. You should be very proud of yourself young lady. I think I'm going to get into reading again....I've been getting a bit lazy��‍♀️��.
    Please keep up the great work and I'm so proud of you.