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Howdy Beautiful People!

It'll be officially summer in a few short weeks...yay! I love everything about summer and I can hardly wait. As much as I love summer, it could be very hot sometimes and the last thing I want is to have on anything so restricting and heavy whether its clothing or accessories, it's uncomfortable and no one wants that. In preparation for the summer heat, I've been shopping for simple jewelry to add to my collection. On today's blog post I'm sharing my must-have jewelry to beat the summer heat. These will definitely be on repeat this season so let me know what you think.

There's no question, I love Jewelry just as much as I love fashion and style. I believe they work hand in hand because I never feel my outfit is complete unless I accessorize with my favorite jewelry. In my opnion, they're what brings an outfit plays a huge role in bringing out personalities, style and gives outfits an overall polished look. I tend to lean toward statement pieces most of the time, but I also appreciate simple and functional pieces that are great for everyday use. Picking only 3 must-haves for summer was difficult because there are so many great pieces out there...from chunky to flashy to hair clips, bobby pins and everything in-between for this season, but I was able to stick to the task at hand and settled for just 3 pieces.

Pearls are definitely in (amongst other interesting pieces) this year and you've probably seen lots of pearls and crystals in your local department stores/online. Most of the quintessential pieces have been updated for a modern look, but for this post, I wanted to concentrate on the dainty jewelry trends. I have never been into pearls so I thought I'll take the opportunity to try it out and I fell in love! They are cost-effective, classy, stylish and of good quality, which is perfect because why spend so much on a trend that may not be around as early as the next season.


For earrings, I found this gold earring with pearl accent quite appealing. I really like the fun shape design with a touch of pearl and crystals. It's so cute, different and perfect for the warmer weather. I love it because it compliments and updates my looks beautifully.


For a necklace, I went with the dainty look and feel. As mentioned, pearls are still ruling this year and it's been updated to look more modern and chic. I went for the minimalistic feel with this gold layered necklace that can take an outfit to the next level.


I wanted to include watches on this list, but I thought long and hard about it and realized I don't actually wear watches as often as I use to. And when I do the batteries are dead 99 % of the time not because I don't like watches, but with my cell phone always on hand, I hardly have the need for a watch anymore. I ended up choosing a bracelet, which I wear on a regular basis. I chose a mixture of pearl and gold piece as I did with the other pieces. This bracelet is so lightweight, not so overwhelming and perfect for any occasion.

That's all for now folks...I hope you like my picks as much as I do! I've linked Similar items below, and of course, one of my kids made a cameo appearance during the photo shoots lol. That's my life every day so why not?!

Do you think jewelry completes an outfit and how do you prefer your jewelry? Simple and dainty or chunky and flashy? Let me know in the comment section below.

MEDAASE (thank you), see you again soon...Live Your Best Life Happily and S.M.I.L.E!





  1. Wow,that was very good I enjoyed reading your blog thank you very much.

  2. I really like the top, it looks like it can be worn as a dress too. I'm not sure if it will be flattering on me but I will take another look at it on amazon.

    I like my accessories simple...I'm just starting to wear flashy jewelries every now and then. By the way, how did Missy get that special pic with mommy? I bet it's that gorgeous smile.

    1. Thank you! Haha she wanted to take a picture with me so badly...her sister was sleeping so she was bored.